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Nowadays, advanced countries such as the United States all recruit students through colleges, regardless of department. Students are divided into departments after admission. Freshman understand the interest and understand the nature and development of each field. In response to world trends, there are currently 12 colleges across the country admissions by department will be expanded in the future.

Interdisciplinary Freshman Program of Public Health has officially recruited students since the 106th academic year. Change the past the enrollment method of the unit is changed to "college" enrollment, which is in line with the forward-looking education based on student's interests.

After entering the college, freshmen adopt the method of "freshmen regardless of department and sophomore stream". Freshmen all study the same compulsory courses, and then based on personal interests and expertise, choose to enter the Department of Public Health or Department of Health Services Administration or Department of Occupational Safety and Health, and obtain a bachelor's degree from that department upon graduation.

The design of "delay diversion" allows freshman students to have a deeper understanding of each department and their own interests, so they can have a more suitable choice when they choose a department.


Set up features

1. Integrate cross-department or cross-field courses

The five major fields that cooperate with public health education: epidemiology (including preventive medicine), biostatistics, environmental health science(Including occupational safety and health), health service administration/management, social and health behaviors through the curriculum design with the college as the integrated core, students can have the most comprehensive learning, avoid the narrowing of learning, and it can enable students to have the abilities required for certification by international public health education organizations, and increase students’ participation in global health work and employment


2. Combining teacher groups

In the past, the communication between teachers of different departments was restricted by the framework of the department, resulting in less communication with each other. The connection in teaching both the breadth and depth are limited, and teachers' teaching may not be able to keep pace with the times and comprehensively integrate.

To break the barriers and old traditions, teachers of the same teaching group support each other and start courses cooperatively. Through cooperation, teachers ’expertise can be fully utilized to enhance the connotation and professionalism of the course.


3. Know yourself, interest orientation

Most of the students who choose to study in the College of Public Health are interested in the field of public health, but they are not clear what are the different professions in the field of public health. The system with the college as the core teaching unit allows students to enter after the School of Public Health, the freshman year is not divided into departments, but the second year is divided. Study the five cores of public health in the freshman year an introduction to the course, and then understand which field is more suitable for interest. After the sophomore year, students can be more clear to understand the next department, you can choose the Department of Public Health or Department of Health Services Administration or Department of Occupational Safety and Health.

It would help students’ planning of future career a lot.


4. Encourage double majors

Students still can study double majors after their sophomore year, and the threshold is flexible. Students are encouraged to choose another major. It is expected that most of the students in this school have expertise in 2 fields and have market competitiveness.


Sophomore Stream

According to the students' interests, the sophomore will be transferred to the Department of Public Health or Department of Health Services Administration or Department of Occupational Safety and Health:

  • Department of Public Health

  • Department of Health Services Administration

  • Department of Occupational Safety and Health