Future Career Prospects

Employment and Characteristics of Further studies

In the face of further studies, do you feel at a loss for what to do? College of Public Health, China Medical University would make your future better.

Parents and students face the test of future advancement and global competition. Our school provides students with good domestic and international advancement channels, systematically cultivates students to have comprehensive competitiveness, and provides a variety of options for further studies planning in the future.

Double major in school

According to the development of students' interests, lower the required course credits of each department, encourage cross-field and diversified learning, so as to facilitate students' double majors.


4+1 double degree system on campus

Our school establishes the characteristics of 4+1 double degrees, implementing the "pre-graduate" system and planning students to study the combination of two degree courses of bachelor and master in this school, to increase students' learning motivation.

For the pre-graduate system of our school, please refer to the [Pre-graduate System] webpage of the Graduate Affairs Office of our school.


3+2 dual degree system at home and abroad

It is planned that students will study for a 3 years bachelor’s degree in our school and a 2 years master’s degree at the University of South Carolina in the United States. At the same time, they will obtain a bachelor’s degree and a foreign master’s degree in our school to expand international academic exchanges and increase student competitiveness.

 1+1 domestic and international dual master degree system

Students study in this school and foreign universities for each one year, obtain dual master degrees at home and abroad, and develop internationalization.

Our school signed Memorandum of Understandings with the University of South Carolina, the University of Georgia, the University of Southern California, and Griffith University of Australia... etc. to provide the best channels for our students to obtain a degree from a foreign university and broaden their international horizons.

»See the website of Office of the International Affairs « 



Graduation development of each department of our department


Department of Public Health

• Further studies: More than half of the previous graduates have entered the professional field of public health research in domestic and foreign research institutes.

• Employment: To engage in relevant professional work in public and private health and environmental protection institutions, research or education units, statistical consultants, biosciences, and insurance companies, or to participate in public office examinations (including general entrance examination and local special examination).

• License examination: According to the legislation of public health practitioners, graduates can take the higher examinations for specialized professional technicians to obtain professional licenses for environmental engineering, industrial and mining health technicians or fire-fighting equipment technicians.


Department of Health Services Administration

• Employment: Administrative personnel, managers, commissioners, research analysts, staff or supervisors of various levels of related medical institutions, administrative or management departments, government health agencies, medical consulting companies, insurance companies or pharmaceutical factories, government or private medical-related foundations... etc.

• License examination: medical manager, medical quality manager, medical informant, disease classifier, medical record manager, health insurance manager, general entrance examination (health administration, medical management), etc.

• Further studies: doctoral program of domestic and foreign medical management or related management research institutes.

• Academic development: faculty or research staff in academic units or medical institutions.

• Entrepreneurship: operating medical management consulting companies, medical equipment, medicines or medical computer software and other related businesses.


Department of Occupational Safety and Health

•Professional qualifications and certificates: Graduates can participate in various technical qualifications held by the Ministry of Labor of Department of Executive such as Grade A occupational safety manager, grade A occupational health manager, grade B occupational safety and health manager, and working environment monitoring Grade A , B technicians, fire safety equipment technicians and other professional skills verification, obtain licenses, and engage in professional work.

• Civil service advanced examination: including labor administration, industrial administration, industrial safety, environmental inspection, sanitation technology, environmental protection technology and other categories.

• Senior civil service examination: including industrial safety technicians and industrial and mining health technicians.

• Further studies: in occupational safety and health related fields at home and abroad, continue to study or advance to a higher degree.